Wait what?! Its been 24 months? | Penguin Uniform

Wait what?! Its been 24 months? | Penguin Uniform

Our First Ever Blog! 

"After I kicked the Penguins' arse we made a resurgence"...

Wow… It’s been a rollercoaster right? Nearly 24 months have passed since the beginning of the 'new normal' & the pandemic has really changed the dynamics of life & business and as we push through 2022 what does the future hold?

Well, for an ambitious & hungry business here at Penguin Uniform Home it’s been full of twists & turns, a real thrill you could say & things aren’t slowing down!

With it being my first blog, I felt it only right to try and re-create some of the changes that have happened in the 2 years that have passed at the speed of light.

Rewind back to late February 2020, the enforced closures from government in which officially begun in March 2020. I had already moved the business home which led us to the unfortunate (or so we thought) loss of our large retail & production facility in Gloucester, and the business like many others were forced to ponder whether a resurgence would ever happen (cue the business in your bedroom photos).

Home Working Home working pt2   

(left: putting a  positive outlook, on what was a uncertain time.  right: my light at the dark times being "daddy" working)

After spending a couple of months like most anticipating support to keep us afloat, whilst utilising the valued unexpected extra time at home. Keeping our family safe & being entertained by our then 3-year-old son (who liked being in the hot seat, like dad)! It also helped me to focus on the future & what I wanted, both as a family man & the business paths I hoped to resume sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, I decided back in June 2020 to kick the Penguin's arse and make a resurgence online. Reshaping our complete business model (coming away from a bricks & mortar store idea altogether with no plans to return) & focusing on the future of business, bringing to life what I could see on the horizon. It may have just been instinct, but it appears that the decision to remove ourselves from the retail sector & focus on the digital aspect of business had paid off.

Bedroom to Garage Conversion Full Garage Conversion

(from bedroom to garage conversion, to production unit within 3 months in late 2020)

Fast-forward to today (March 22), over 75,000+ pcs of uniform later, over 1,250 new customers welcomed & in excess of 150 million stitches laid across a huge variety of garments in the meantime.

All this would not have been possible without some vital additions we have made within our own ranks. Investing back at every opportunity to build a strong workforce, which now boasts over 25 years of industry knowledge & experience. Or better known to our customers as “The Team”. (As a business owner, I can’t heap enough praise on them) we will be bringing them to the forefront in the coming months.

Above all, the most pleasing aspect and something that can be overlooked by many, is that we’ve successfully navigated the early part of the ‘new normal’ whilst growing into a larger operating premise (twice) and increasing the capacity of output to support our growth plans.

So what’s in store for 2022 at #teampenguin?

We tweaked our social branding, a more striking graffiti style to stay in tune with the emerging market of younger business owners much like ourselves. However, “Passionate about making you look good at work” – will always remain the core value that flows through the veins of #teampenguin.

New "Youthful" Banner

Already in 2022, we have introduced another new recruit to the colony, increased our output with additional embroidery machinery purchased & taken on another production premise too (more to come when the area is complete). 

All the changes, re-investments & improvements have been done with the simple goal of serving our current, future & potential customers to the absolute highest quality we possibly can "everytime"!

Linking this with exciting new brand partnerships & brand-new channels coming soon

So from me & our team (of now 5) we want to say a huge thank you, from every enquiry whether secured or not, to all our incredible customers, a warm-hearted cheers!

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2022 we look forward to working with you.

Jared Wilson
Business Owner & Director

2nd Mar 2022 Jared Wilson

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